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Fri 3rd
Kenny Jewell
Sat 4th
Prestige Inc
Fri 10th
Daniel Arvidson
Sat 11th
Arley and I
Fri 17th
Greg Bryce
Sat 18th
Fri 24th
Bobby C
Sat 25th
Jungle King Duo


Fri 3rd
Michael Bryers
Sat 4th
Fri 10th
Greg Bryce
Fri 10th
Greg Bryce
Sat 11th
Dr Zoom
Fri 17th
Brien Mcvernon
Sat 18th
Dave Carter
Fri 24th
Matt Scallion
Sat 25th


Lunch from 12 noon til 3pm. Dinner from 6pm til 9pm. 7 Days

$10 Lunch Menu

220g Rump Steak w/ chips & salad or mash & seasonal vegetables & your choice of sauce

Squid Wrap w/ lettuce, tomato & aioli 

Grilled Perch Fillet w/ chips, fresh garden salad & homemade herb butter

Beef Sausages with creamy mash potato, green peas & gravy

Chicken and Avocado Salad with cherry tomatoes and bacon


$12 Lunch Menu

Crumbed Pork Schnitzel w/ green beans, chat potatoes & gravy

King Prawn Linguine w/ vine ripened tomatoes & spanish onion, tossed w/ shredded baby spinach & extra virgin olive oil

Thai Beef Salad w/ asian slaw & fried noodles

Chicken Breast w/ potatoes, beans & gravy

Beef & Guiness Pie w/ mash & mushy peas

Chicken & Mushroom Pie w/ chips 

Margherita Pizza


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Garlic Focaccia Bread $7

Corn Bread w/ coriander & jalapeno butter $8

Tomato Bruschetta toasted sourdough, parmesan, pesto & balsamic  $8

Cheesy Herb & Parmesan Bread $10

Prawn & Avocado Bruschetta toasted sourdough preserved lemon & olive oil $10


Sydney Rock Oysters (GFO) 1/2 doz $13 doz $24

Natural (GFO) 1/2 doz $14 doz $27

Chilli & Lime (GFO) 1/2 doz $14 doz $27

Kilpatrick Oysters (GFO) 1/2 doz $14 doz $27

Mornay 1/2 doz $14 doz $27

Pan Seared Scallops w/ celery puree, pickled fennel & grape salad (GFO) $16

Pub Meals

Crumbed Lamb Loin Cutlets $17

Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel $15

Battered Whiting Fillets $15

Nolan's Private Selection Rump Steak (GFO) $16

Seared Chicken Breast topped w/ avocado & creamy garlic prawns (GFO) $16

(All above meals served w/ chips & salad or mash & seasonal vegetables)

Salt & Pepper Squid w/Thai nim jam and aioli $15

Thai Beef Salad w/roasted peanuts, bean shoots, red cabbage, fresh herbs & crispy noodles $15

Balinese Butter Chicken w/ jasmine rice, broccoli & fried tortillas $15

Wagyu Beef Burger w/ lettuce, cheese, tomato, onion, beetroot & chunky tomato relish and chips $17

Portuguese Chicken Burger w/ crunchy slaw & paprika aioli and chips $17

Grilled Halloumi & Roasted Vegetable Salad w/ slivered almonds & citrus yoghurt (GFO & V) $17


Gravy, Mushroom, Dianne, Peppercorn, Creamy Garlic, Creamy bacon & shallot (GFO) $3
Parmigiana (GFO) $5
Garlic Prawn Sauce (GFO) $5


Smokey Chicken & Bacon w/ onion, spinach & caesar dressing $19

BBQ Meatlovers - salami, bacon, chorizo, spanish onion, prosciutto and smokey BBQ drizzle $18 

Two Potato, Spinach and Pesto w/ pine nuts & fetta crumble $18

Chilli Prawn Hawaiian w/ onion, tomato, pineapple & citrus yoghurt $20

A La Carte

Mushroom and Sage Gnocchi w/ burnt butter sauce, tossed with crisp zucchini ribbons (V) $24

Pan Seared Jew Fish w/ roasted sweet potato puree, charred asparagus & citrus beurre blanc (GFO) $27

Chargrilled Chicken Supreme w/ crispy rocket, chilli, mint & pea salad with a lemon vinaigrette $27

Poached Salmon Fillet w/ steamed broccolini & creamy shiitake mushroom sauce (GFO) $28

300g Pork Cutlet w/ roasted Kipflers, green beans & creamy Dianne sauce $28

300g Surf and Turf w/ mashed potato, vegetables with a creamy garlic, squid & prawn sauce (GFO) $29

4 Point Lamb Rack w/ spiced cous cous salad & cucumber riata (GFO) $29

Kids Meals

Cocktail Fish $8
Chips $6
Nuggets $8
Sweet Potato Wedges $10
Lamb Cutlet $8
Side Salad $6
Calamari $8
Side Vegetables $6
All w/choice of chips and salad or vegetables and mash


Trio of Gelato $9

Caramel & Custard Tart w/ whipped cream & strawberries $9

Selection of cakes from the fridge display



Show the Full Wine List


  150ml 250ml Bottle
Rothbury Sparkling $6   $20
Seppelt The Drives     $26
Peacock Lane by Samantha Wills (Victoria) $8   $34
Le Petit Vignette Pinot Noir Chardonnay (France)     $40
Moet and Chandon NV (France)     $115
Deakin Estate Azahara Sparkling Moscato (Muray Darling)     $21
Yellowglen Yellow or Pink Piccolos     $7

White Wines

  150ml 250ml Bottle
Thorne-Clarke Sandpiper Riesling (SA) $7.50  $9 $36
Cape Schanck Pinot Grigio  (Mornington VIC) $8.50  $11  $30
Tyrrell’s Lost Block Semillon  (Hunter Valley) $7.50 $9  $26
Hartog’s Plate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (WA) $6  $7.50  $20
Lindeman’s Early Harvest  (South East Aust)      
Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (Low Alcohol)     $24
Angel Cove Sauvignon Blanc (NZ) $7  $8.50  $24
Drift Sauvignon Blanc (NZ) $7.50 $9 $26
The Pass Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)     $32
Two Rivers Hidden Hive Verdelho  (Hunter Valley) $6.50 $8 $22
Rothbury Estate Chardonnay $6 $7.50 $20
Seppelts The Drives Chardonnay (Victoria) $7.50 $9 $26
Coldstream Hills Chardonnay (Yarra Valley VIC)     $44
Tyrrell’s Hunter Valley Series Chardonnay  (Hunter Valley)     $30

Red Wines

  150ml 250ml Bottle
Cape Schanck Pinot Noir (VIC) $8.50 $11  $30
Two Rivers Winters Mist Merlot (Hunter Valley) $7  $8.50  $24
Hartog’s Plate Cabernet Merlot  (WA) $6 $7.50  $20
Rosemount Little Berry Shiraz (SA) $8  $10.50  $28
Brown Brothers Ten Acres Shiraz (VIC) $8.50  $11  $29
Tyrrell’s Hunter Valley Shiraz (Hunter Valley) $30     $30
Pepperjack Shiraz  (SA) $9.50  $14  $40
Seppelts The Drives Shiraz  (VIC) $7.50 $9 $26
Dance with the Devil Shiraz Tempranillo  (WA)     $36
Penfolds KH 76 Shiraz Cabarnet  (SA)     $38
Rothbury Estate Shiraz Cabernet $6 $7.50 $20
Wynns The Siding Cabernet Sauvignon  (SA)     $36
Tyrrells’ Lost Block Cabernet Sauvignon  (SA) $7.50 $9 $26

the stuff of legends

Arthur Wellesley, born 1769, the original Duke of Wellington, was quite the accidental hero. Born in Ireland to an English Aristocrat, Arty was a dud at Eton - academically uninterested, socially awkward but not bad at violin. Arty wound up in military training where he had a stab at fencing and got saddled with horsemanship classes. Giddyup Arthur! His family's standing and cleverer brothers then landed him in Irish politics. 

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When King Louis lost his head and the French declared war against the English, the young Duke was forced to swap his violin for a sword and was thrust onto the battlefields of the Netherlands and France. Though defeated, Arthur noticed how crap the British commanders were at their job - no leadership, no strategy, no idea. Even a violin-playing Eton dropout could do a better job. So he went to the sub continent, did some homework and read up on military history. After a few successes he was promoted to Major General and, in 1803, claimed his first major victory against the odds in Assaye in Western India. 

He returned to England with a growing reputation and a growing bank balance, married Kitty, had 2 sons and dabbled in politics quickly becoming the 'go to' guy in Cabinet on anything military. He took the post of Chief Secretary of Ireland on the condition it didn't interfere with his military career. Awkward Arty became the boss of the British Forces in 1809. In 1814, following a victory against the French, Arthur was honoured with the new title of Duke of Wellington. 

In 1815, when news of Napolean's advance on the Belgian capital reached Arthur, he resolved to gather his forces and head to the front line early the next morning. Wellesley famously triumphed in a fierce and bloody battle at Waterloo, defeating Bonaparte once and for all and ensuring the freedom of Europe from the French dictator's clutches and secured Britain's role as a key player in Europe. 

Fashion Forward 

Arty swapped his generals' uniform for plain dark clothes when on the battlefield to fool his would-be assassins. Good thinking Arty… the first camouflage! 

Not one to follow trends, in a time when men wearing long hair, pigtails and powdered wigs were all over instagram - our Duke got a short back and sides. "I find it much easier to maintain on the battlefield. No more long locks matted with blood and brain matter. I just rinse, give it a quick towel dry and I'm ready for war" he said as he reached for his GHD. 

Legend with the ladies. 

The 'Iron Duke', as he became known, was quite a legendary playboy. He and wife Kitty had little in common when he returned from securing freedom for the empire, so cashing in on his Bieber-like popularity, the less than handsome Duke lit up Tinder as he swiped left all over Paris and London. 

Waterloo - not just a Eurovision winner!!

Europe was free from Bonaparte's planned oppression but victory was bittersweet for the sensitive Duke with many lives lost in the bloody battle. His SNAG behaviour is evidenced in a youtube video capturing the Duke in tears as he read the list of dead following the battle at Waterloo. He would always avoid unnecessary bloodshed wherever possible and was upset by the sight of battle carnage. 

The Duke of Wellington was; a high school dropout, a legend with the ladies, a great leader, a brave soldier, an innovator, a brilliant military strategist and had little time for politicians …what a legend!

the legendary Duke Hotel

Starting life in 1876 - some 24 years after the death of the hotel’s namesake and 60 years after the Duke’s famous Battle of Waterloo - the humble, timber, two-story structure on the corner of Portland Place and Regent Street, New Lambton opened it’s doors as a public drinking house. “The Duke Of Wellington” under licensee Mr David Jones Esquire (and many more licensees henceforth) was the cornerstone of the thriving local mining community.

It was the place where local people would gather to celebrate milestones, where mates would meet to share a cleansing ale after a long day in the pit and solve the problems of the world. The building may have burnt down at the turn of the century and had several architectural incarnations since, but "the legendary Duke Hotel” is still a vital hub of the New Lambton community. 
Today’s Duke of Wellington Hotel is legendary for many reasons; great food at affordable prices; friendly service; a brilliant atmosphere; and (as the barrister from "The Castle" would say) the vibe! It’s hard to describe - but there is a vibe you get when you walk in to the Duke. It matters not if you’re a regular or visiting for the first time - you’ll feel welcome. You’re amongst friends you’re yet to meet! 

Whether you’re celebrating the end of a tough week, or a milestone birthday, having a quick drink and a snack, a champagne with the girls, a romantic dinner, drowning your sorrows after your teams loss, or settling in for a punt with your mates - you’ll find the legendary Duke Hotel is just right! It’s more than just a building… it' like a smile and hug after a bad day, a high five and a pat on the back, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to make you laugh, a place you can dance like no one is watching! 

It’s evident that the people running the pub are invested - in more ways than one. Legends in the hospitality industry, hard working, hands on and passionate - and always willing to lend hand. Whether it’s helping out the local bowlers, supporting families suffering hardship & illness, or getting behind the home teams competing at a national level. Some say the likeness between the Duke and the publican are, well… uncanny! 

legendary functions & events

Whether it’s a birthday dinner for 12 an engagement party for 200 - when you’re planning a special event the Duke Hotel tick a lot of boxes:

  • dedicated function coordinator to help with menu entertainment, decoration, ideas - or just to look after all the details 
  • a space to suit your; intimate dinner party; cocktail style function, three course sit down dinner; 
  • fabulous food that won’t break the bank 
  • staff that always go above and beyond to ensure your guests are well looked after 
  • a legendary event, memorable and appropriate to the occasion

Christening celebrations, charity fundraisers, birthdays, engagements, wedding receptions, committee meetings, graduation celebrations, retirements, hen’s nights, team presentations, product launches, Christmas parties, wakes... the legendary Duke Hotel is not just a pub... it’s a vital link to the community it serves. A place where where old friends gather, new friends meet where we celebrate the birth of a new baby or commemorate an old friend’s passing and all the milestones in between.

Talk to us today and see how we can make your special occasion - extra special!


Enquire about having your function at the Duke